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Mr. Kyle Gunderlock, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Gunderlock has 13 plus years of hands-on experience in the mortgage finance business. Of note is his comprehensive knowledge of operations, financial and risk management, asset valuation, and whole loan trading, as well as the origination of mortgage loans and the management of wholesale and correspondent sales teams.

Mr. Gunderlock was a Vice President and District Sales Manager at First Street Financial, Inc. where he led a team of Account Executives and Broker Direct Representatives.

Mr. Gunderlock currently acts as Head Trader for CSC’s investment fund, CMMI, LLC, where on a daily basis, since 2007, he has the responsibility of pricing assets and negotiating trade documents. He is involved in the servicing and disposition of assets as well, and is a member of the Investment Committee that determines final asset acquisition and pricing.  Mr. Gunderlock currently holds a Real Estate Salesperson License through the California Department of Real Estate and is approved as a Mortgage Loan Originator via the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry.


Ms. Terrie Hagerty, Executive VP & Director

Ms. Hagerty has 30 plus years of lending and asset management experience, including a background in quality control, underwriting, funding, compliance, and servicing.

As Senior Vice President and Director of Secondary Market Operations for First Street Financial, Inc., Ms. Hagerty was in charge of activities that occurred after the trade resulted in the sale of FSFI assets.  Ms. Hagerty managed and maintained investor relations for FSFI, successfully overseeing the close of trades from the due-diligence process through the transfer of servicing by interacting with various Wall Street firms including Lehman, UBS, and Deutsche Bank Securities.  She further directed the transfer of these assets to their appointed servicers, resolving any issues that might have arisen during the interim servicing period.  Ms. Hagerty was also highly instrumental in facilitating the interface between FSFI and AMRS, which resulted in CSC. As part of her secondary and servicing activities for both companies, Ms. Hagerty has been a member of the Asset & Liability Committees (ALCO), an integral part of the Impaired Asset Committees that deal with the disposition of non-performing assets.

Ms. Hagerty is currently in charge of all aspects of the servicing platform at CSC once a loan or a pool of loans is acquired for investment.