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CSC's Jumbo Loans Program

Jumbo Loans


Qualify with enough liquid assets to cover the loan balance! NO MONTHLY INCOME REQUIREMENT!

Loan amounts up to:

  • $7.5 million to 65% LTV
  • $5 million to 70% LTV
  • $3 million to 80% LTV
  • $1 million to 90% LTV

Full doc or bank statements with:

  • No reserve requirements (certain programs)
  • No seasoning required from date of short sale
  • Down to 650 credit score for $7.5 million or 600 credit score for $3 million
  • Purchase or cash out refinance

Stated - DSCR:

  • To $7.5 million, 650 credit score minimum
  • Non-owner, foreign national or business purpose
  • No reserve requirements
  • No seasoning for FC, SS or BK
  • Purchase or cash out refinance