Citadel Servicing Corporation is licensed by the National Mortgage Licensing System & Registry ("NMLS"), including 38 states nationwide. We specialize in Non-Prime loans for residential properties on both an owner-occupied and non-owner occupied basis. We have a range of products and services geared toward helping mortgage professionals achieve their clients' purchase and investment goals. Our products include fixed and adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs).



Citadel Servicing Corporation (“CSC”) was formed in 2003 as a sister company to First Street Financial, Inc. (“FSFI”). FSFI was a top 20 subprime originator and top three hard money originator by volume through 2007. As part of the FSFI business model, servicing was retained during loan sales and housed on CSC’s platform. In February 2007, FSFI ceased operations and was shuttered in June of that year. CSC continued to thrive and in September 2007 partnered with a distressed asset fund purchasing whole loans on the scratch and dent secondary market. In December 2011, Carl Marks ceased purchasing loans after having, over a five-year span, purchased greater than $100M and serviced them in-house.